Category: Photography

  • Wildlife Shooters Crop

    Wildlife and sports shoots crop for a whole variety of reasons. It is easier to focus, better likelihood of capture, and so forth. While we all want to be artists, clinging to the idea of perfect framing can result in far fewer keepers.

  • Sportsmobile and the Astrophotography Experience

    Love my Sportsmobile van! The van heads out for some night shooting of astrophotography with some comforts. The van keeps me warm, offers electrical power (solar) and ports so that all images can be monitored from a cozy place. Highly recommended!

  • A Chilly Dip / A Terrible Guide

    We’re back on shore after a chilly unexpected dip. My photographer friend and I took a surprising swim after our kayak was hit by a breaker that hit us broadside. Thankfully the camera gear survived in our dry bags.

  • First Light : FSQ 106N

    “They” say that the Takahashi FSQ-106 is among the best. I can confirm that it is awesome and very well built. Highly recommended!