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I am a photographer, consultant and enthusiast with over 20 years’ experience.  I love the creative process.  My big photo break came more than fifteen years ago during a trip to Africa and the days following with image sales, a successful fashion shoot and soon a business partnership with accomplished fashion and arts photographer Art Murphy.

I am a graduate of Syracuse University College of Law and practiced law for 23 years. I am the author of three books with more on the way. I have taught hundreds of photography, lighting and specialty courses and enjoy taking both artistic and technical images, whether sports, high speed, nature, landscape, astrophotography, ballistic, portraiture, product and astrophotography.

An Investment in Yourself

The cost and inconvenience of capturing images and creating content can be remarkably low when compared to the years of use you get with a great image. A great image, video or motion project can define a person, business and brand. Particularly in today’s’ online world, when single images can revolutionize and define an entire existence, a refined image can make a tremendous impact in a business’ success.

The investment in pro-quality images can pay off immediately.  My approach is to think outside-the-box, looking for possibilities that clients likely have not even considered. For instance, I enjoy creating web interactive animations, VR/360 degree stills and video, aerial images and more. I’d like to think that I help add value for customers in a wide variety of interesting ways, making your time and investment invaluably spent.

Purpose-Driven Photography

I believe in my role as a business success partner and content-creator; and I call the process of taking images for clients: Purpose-Driven Photography. It  is never just the image, but how the image may be used that helps plan and deliver a great final product. In this way we are far more prepared to create any product that clients will use, and continue to get value from. Whether we are shooting for headshots, prints, web-ready animations, photo book layouts or more, we’ll work to future-proof your investment.


Studio and On Location

Being a photographer in the Los Angeles area is pretty awesome! I am the founder of Manhattan Beach Studios, and my studio is located on Manhattan Beach Blvd right at Aviation Blvd. (1809 Manhattan Beach Blvd.; enter through the Game Hub). Outside we have the most beautiful beaches, mountains and urban settings and there are literally thousands of amazing places to make great photos. I work comfortably in any location.

We can shoot at night in downtown, head out to the desert for portraits, provide aerial photography and charge batteries and computers from any location. In addition, your home or business can actually be one of the best places for your next session. It’s always fun to be around people in their environment and create photos that truly represent your unique style!  We can pretty much shoot anywhere you can imagine.

Education, Speaking and Consulting

I teach and mentor individuals and groups in photography, post-processing/editing and business, and enjoy setting up tours and schedules. I am always interested in speaking to groups and putting educational series together. With my background in business and management as well as the creative process I am able to jump right in to help save your business time and money.


We’ll use the right tool for the job. I shooting with an extensive collection of cameras and lenses and strive for amazing quality, color and clarity. For instance, specialty gear such as tilt-shift lenses help ensure that lines in real estate and architecture are perfectly straight, and extremely wide lenses for freezing action in low light. Doing the job means doing it right.

Please give me a call if I can be of any assistance whatsoever.  Thanks for checking out the site!



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