Mark Nicholas Video Portfolio

Video Portfolio

Video is absolutely critical. It is hard to remember individual moments; particularly when it comes to raising children and time with loved ones. Instant laughs can vanish immediately, back-filled with the moments that follow. Video is a key to capturing these moments.

We use a variety of tools to capture quality video. We start with great cameras and fast lenses. Combined with supports, sliders and automation we are able to accomplish in our small packages what major studios accomplish with their big rigs. We can completely automate movement, and even simply allow for gentle and constant camera movement during interviews. We also have invested a great deal in our lighting and backgrounds to ensure a high end look and finish.

Corporate Video

The corporate video is among the most important tools the a business could use to introduce connect with the public, introduce prospects and use for internal and external education. Providing customer support can be a easy with video as well.  We work very carefully to meet the goals of the business; matching branding, script and style. Here are some videos for Lexus, Family Archival and others:

High Speed Video

My high speed (slow motion) photography is done with the extremely high end industrial Edgertronic camera. The results are rather remarkable, not merely for fun parts of life, but for mechanical, industrial, analytical and sports purposes as well. Life truly does happen in a millionth of a second.

We use a variety of triggers, sensors and timers to fire the camera and capture the motion. Our lights are all carefully balanced and flicker free to ensure the best possible image. In short, images captured with our system are absolutely remarkable. We use high speed not only for industrial and artistic purposes, but commercial purposes as well; highlighting splashes and drops, waterproof fabrics and motion, all up to 1/200,000th of a second, captured 1/1,000th of actual speed.

Aerial Video

It is easy to consider aerial video as something new and novel. In fact, aerial imaging has been around for more than 100 years. I have used a wide variety of techniques to capture overhead images. My constant system is a 20′ painter’s pole, with a monitoring system built in so that images can be properly framed and captured. In addition to this rudimentary system, I commonly resort to ladders and other techniques to raise the camera. In addition, I have used drones, helicopters, kites and weather balloons. As a fun tidbit, my KAP kit (kite aerial photography kit) is fully remote controlled from aim and angle to image, capable of shooting in excess of 3,000 off the ground.

Here are a few videos I’ve shot:

Music, Family and Other Videos

While this section can be a bit of a catch-all, there is really no way to properly categorize the videos that have been produced through the years. Here is a music video for songwriter Bailey Callahan. This was a last minute project, and we shot the video over a period of 4 hours, and had the final video produced and delivered one day later.

Below are samples of a wedding video and slideshow that was designed for my own family. These can be representative of an enjoyable and meaningful family presentation. My passion is in specialty video, and over the next few weeks, this site will be updated with cinemagraph videos, timelapse, 360, interview and other videos. It is impossible to understate the value video holds and we have produced more than 250 videos throughout the years. It is so critical, that one of our most significant initiatives is in the live video and streaming space and my studio, Manhattan Beach Studios, is equipped to shoot and deliver video now on a near instant basis.