Live Production by Mark Nicholas at Manhattan Beach Studios

Live Video | Recorded and Streaming

Mark’s studio is expert in live and production video. Long before taking up photography, Mark studied video, audio and production techniques, and with more than 30 album credits and nearly 15 years as a voting member of the Grammy’s, live recorded and streaming video has become a focal point. “We truly enjoy building shows” explains Mark. His studio runs two systems, each offering clients unique strengths, and each completely portable — capable of use inside the studio and out.

Portable Video and Web Streaming Solution

We utilize a completely portable hardware solution, capable of switching among eight inputs, graphics and more, this system is brilliant for conferences, meetings, events and much more. This is a simple plug and play infrastructure and exceedingly perfect for most general operations.

This system is designed for broadcasters, web shows and AV pros. It is often perfect for live production, episodic television, web shows, and more. Easily plug in computers, game consoles, cameras and more and start production!

Custom Full Production Solution

The crown jewel of production is Mark’s custom built hardware and software solution. This allows for tremendous capability with graphics, motion, green screen, virtual sets, overlays and dynamic content. While more work is necessary to prepare for a show or event, the time spent is completely worth it in terms of the resulting output. Capable of rivaling the production quality of any major broadcast, news, web or other show, the versatility of this system far surpasses our wildest expectations.

The “custom built” system is completely portable. Shows, events and projects can be easily produced anywhere at all, even in areas lacking basic amenities. With Mark’s 4k and IP cameras, incredible production value can be achieved for a fraction of the effort and cost previously required.

Please be sure to ask Mark for a demo. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities!

vMix Live Production