[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]The Family Portrait[/custom_frame_right] Portraiture is largely the essence of photography. When accomplished, it defines and preserves not merely the look, but the character and mood of a person or group. It is remarkably powerful and among the most important forms of photography.

Individual and Family Portraiture

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The Family Portrait

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I try to approach portrait work as an artist rather than an assembly line, and I dream of those opportunities when we can capture something truly magical.

A portrait can be a bit of a burden on a family — infringing in daily activities and magnifying interpersonal dynamics and more. With that said, the portrait has the opportunity to capture all of this and much more; creating lifelong snapshots of that moment in time.

Shooting families requires a careful balance; as time is always on the verge of expiring. I try to keep things fun and moving and strive to  avoid dwelling on any moment. We move, change and explore ideas until we find those special moments. Then… oftentimes… we can sit back and let that perfect image come to us.



Commercial Portraiture

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Contemporary commercial portraiture can require a great process and efficient workflow and we can set up shoots that can accomplish a great deal in very limited time. The commercial business portrait is designed to address the needs and requirements of the business. We can use contemporary backgrounds, and shoot on green screens for added flexibility.

There is great flexibility when it comes to the look. While considering brand and personality the end product can be conservative or funky. I love the distinguished shadowy look of the CEO, the conservative look of the architecture as well as the bright, high contrast images of the funky marketing and design company.

As always, it is always an option to bring along a makeup artist, wardrobe professional or other creative professionals to assist in creating that perfect look.

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Eat Sleep Work Group Shot



Headshots, Print and Ad Portraiture


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A variety of portraiture designed for public consumption is print and ad work. Examples can include magazine covers, ad layouts and double truck layouts and more. The creativity in shooting print work, particularly when combining portraiture with product shots can be extraordinary creative and tremendously fun.

In this sailing magazine cover, I shot the image with a beauty dish and reflector. This was one of a few successful images from this session.

The boxer portrait was shot in a white “tent” to wrap the light around this beautiful boxing couple. A very small reflector was used to fill in some of the shadows but very little was needed for these amazing subjects.

Print work oftentimes includes a more elaborate session in which various professionals assist in makeup, wardrobe, set design etc.  We can set up whatever kind of session you’d like, whether it is more grass roots or elaborate. I enjoy working with others and am perfectly happy as a part of a team building that perfect image.

Lastly, let’s visit on what this portrait thing is all about. Character and creating interesting looks. Whether in the corporate environment or among athletic (and generally all injured) brothers, portraits can find a place of eternal pride and enjoyment.  This is a very small subset of what is possible.