Mark Nicholas – Specialty Portfolio

Specialty Shooting and Products

We use a variety of specialty techniques, as well as a variety of cutting-edge tools, to produce great images and original and brilliant web content. This is something we call “Purpose-Driven Photography“. We pay careful attention to what is possible before and during the creative process, not merely after. We know what can be accomplished, and do everything possible to help offer clients the flexibility to achieve those possibilities. Check out a few of these potential uses for your images:

Animated Explainers

Explainer videos can range from fun animations to simple gif files that can provide tremendous support to customer service departments. Web content in this arena can be invaluable. This little explaioner gif was used to provide instant support to all new and existing customers of this helpful product.

Animated Gifs

From professional backgrounds and traditional lighting to moody, environmental, eclectic, alternative and character shots, portraiture can be great fun. Combining portraiture and other images with animation can produce remarkable results. Using animation in corporate head shots can show personality. It can help customers understand how to assemble products and show clients before and after images. Let the visuals do the talking, or in the case of animation, the showing. GIF animations are easy to assemble and remarkably effective.

Before and After Viewers



I believe that an image that is not seen is often not worth the effort to capture that image. For instance, family photos sitting on hard drives or private online accounts can be lost permanently among the clutter of life. Business projects that go unfinished can cost thousands of dollars in wasted cost, time and effort. We will do everything possible to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Through my pro accounts and partnerships practically any merchandise you desire can be prepared and delivered quickly and efficiently. My vendors are truly the best in service and quality.

Clean Edits

Through the use of photo editing we can accomplish a remarkable collection of things. Here is a simple green screen to photo edit to show how we can transform a simple image into a fascinating presentation. We work daily with a variety of image tools to achieve some pretty cool results.

Flip Books

Speaking of books, show off your products, catalog, book or anything else you can think of; provide online access, deliver content and much more. I create really cool flip books; even with ads, links, hot-spots and much more. Share your personal books with families, or create amazing web catalogs, brochures and much much more.

Flip books are generated from a PDF file, and eBooks created and converted in inDesign. Regardless of format, your images and layout can be assembled into whatever format you’d like.


Hover-over images are a great way to add some movement, content and interaction to a site. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as demonstrating a before-and-after view, change in circumstances and even just to have some fun. My favorite use of these is to show two sides of a corporate executive’s personality.


We are able to produce all kinds of cool slideshows, video loops and more. While this one is a bit dated, it shows one of many of these styles.