Personal Projects

Here are some of the current projects that I am working on.  See the current requirements:

[su_tabs vertical=”yes”][su_tab title=”A Healthy Cross Section”]

Finalizing images of certain healthy items with extremely high detail and artistic appeal. See an example. I’d say that 95% of the images are completed and (I am please to admit) awesome; and I am preparing print/display images.

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[su_tab title=”Fitness Layouts”]

With over 600 images to edit, and complex spec campaigns to develop, this voluntary project has gotten us a bit mired down. Looking forward to sharing some pretty cool images.


[su_tab title=”Pregnancy Time Lapse”]Seeking a newly identified pregnant woman to document the pregnancy through term.


[su_tab title=”Shattering Lights”]I have been working on a series of prints of shattered lightbulbs. Pretty fun.


[su_tab title=”Ignition”]

I am sorting through a recent shoot of igniting matches and objects. I love this stuff. Should be some nice prints to follow.

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[su_tab title=”The Really Cool Invention”]

I am only a few weeks away from becoming an inventor. Finalizing CAD plans and a prototype is in the works. Excited to announce, but right now… all is top secret.





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