Mark Nicholas – 360 Animations

Product Animations

One of our core areas of expertise is in product photography, and one area in which we add tremendous value is in our ability to animate, rotate and create interactive displays with your product. As a matter of fact, Mark has pioneered new techniques and has patented a tool designed for efficient product animation photography.

Let us help; whether it is in still product, beverage or commercial photography. Here are some simple examples of what can be accomplished.

A Simple Rotation

This is a rather simple 360 degree animation. The purpose is to provide potential buyers a complete view of the product, along with labels and additional photos. This particular unit is the all-in-one Taurus Tracker for astrophotography, a complicated unit in which the graphic display allowed the unit to sell much more quickly and at a higher price than would have otherwise been achieved.

Custom Guitar

In this case, we used the table, with the 150 lb weight capability, to rotate the $12,000 guitar. This was completely stable and 100% automated. The process allowed us to adjust lighting, background capabilities and much more.

The Patented Photo Crony

For your viewing enjoyment, here is the video introducing the revolutionary product photography tool which was invented and successfully patented by Mark. It goes by the name The Photo Crony. In addition to this patent, there are two additional patent applications pending.