Eruption | The Latest Limited Edition Print

high speed, liquid, glasses, splash

high speed, liquid, glasses, splash
Eruption: Tricolor Image by Mark Nicholas

A great photograph doesn’t capture what can be seen, it captures what we wish we could see. In some cases we are talking about something that defines a greater meaning, contemplative reflection and reaction. In other cases, such as those taken by acclaimed photographer Mark Nicholas, slice time by the millisecond, revealing the invisible and instantaneous moments cut from fabric to thin, dark or fast to see.

Introducing Eruption

We are pleased to introduce Eruption, an actual image of nature’s most spectacular sculpting medium, liquid, in this case falling upwards. This image will be released to only a select few, with 20 limited edition and 5 Artist Proofs. To purchase Eruption, please contact me via email or call at 310-800-1999. Explore the amazing beauty of nature at 1/40,000th of a second.

Frame by Artist

This print will be made on fabulous rag paper, deckled edge and framed in a beautiful matching frame designed to showcase nature’s most spectacular medium.

For all inquiries, please contact or call 310-800-1999. We would be pleased to assist you.

Thank you!

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