Real Estate Demo

Demo Real Estate Listing

There is perhaps no more important tool for photography and virtual tours as there is in real estate (although restaurants, rooms for rent and banquet halls come in a very close second). The real estate tour helps the agent be more efficient by helping to ensure that clients know many of the details of a property (e.g., label granite counter tops, storage square feet and key descriptions), and maps and floor-plans can include everything from special features to local amenities (such as by pointing out the local school, theater and supermarket).

Customization tools are near endless and I wouldn’t know where to begin when it comes to these tours. Standard tools can easily incorporate everything described above from tours, live footage, video, audio, pdfs and more. That, however, is just the beginning. Think small and easy, or big and stunning. I will be adding many of these features to this demo tour over the next few weeks.

When various tours are linked and photography is integrated, homes can really come alive. Please let me know if I can help put these together for you.

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