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This page lists certain items which are currently for sale.  Drop me a note with questions or interest.

Taurus Tracker III Astrophotography Guiding System

Selling the wonderful all-in-one Taurus Tracker for astrophotography.  Designed to allow you to set up, frame, focus, autoguide and shoot astrophotography with your DSLR camera (just add a t-ring) or CCD camera. There is a built in flip mirror and helical focuser for precision and repeatable focus. Folks that have used these for astro photography will tell you that they totally rock!

Here are some images, but also visit: if you want to see a full rotation and labels of the unit.

This unique attachment connects your camera (DSLR or CCD), autoguider and eyepiece to your telescope it allows for a off axis guider, flip mirror and a eyepiece to be used as part of your photographic experience — with two small internal mirrors built in. The unit + accessories cost approximately $700 and made taking photos easy and much more simple than could have been previously imagined.

iOptron Wedge

The wedge makes it possible to convert the Mini-Tower from an Alt/Az to a German Equatorial Mount. All it takes after installing the wedge is going to the hand controller and switching modes from Alt/Az to German Equatorial. After installation of the wedge, set up is the same as any GEM–set RA and Dec to home position, set latitude, center the north star and run a one, two or three star alignment. Great improvement for astro photography. The ADM wedge is in limited supply and normally costs $299. $200 or best offer.

Canon 500mm f4

This is my amazing dream-come-true lens now for sale. I am only selling because I have upgraded and no longer need this one. The image quality, focus speed and everything else there is about this lens is brilliant. I have brought the lens to Canon CPS yearly for clean and checks. The lens is in excellent shape but does have some very light cosmetic issues and a small ding. No impact on the image.

Sale includes: Canon 500mm lens, RRS replacement lens foot, lens case, keys, strap, leather hood, Lens Coat lens cover and lens hoodie. The date code is: US0915  – Price: $5100

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Canon 430ex

I am selling my wonderful Canon 430EX flash.  The unit has been treated gently and has been amazingly reliable. I am only selling to upgrade all of my flashes to the radio controlled Canon 600EXrt flash.  I’ll be sorry to see this go. This has been perfect for indoor and casual shoots and is perfect so many uses when the power of the big mambo 580ex and 600ex are not needed.

The unit is in wonderful shape but has been gently scuffed through use. There are some residual tape marks from gaffers’ tape where I had labeled the flash with my name and number. The lens comes with the soft case and foot but does not include the manual or original box.

Price: $145

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Promote Control

Promote Control Time Lapse, HDR, Bulb Ramping Remote and much more!

For Canon, Nikon and select Sony, Sigma and Panasonic Lumix digital SLR cameras

Comes with Canon Shutter Release Cable, Promote USB to Micro USB cable and Protective Case. This kit retails for over $400 with the advanced bulb ramp kit for amazing time lapses!

Product Description

Promote® Control is an advanced all-in-one remote control for Canon, Nikon and select Sony, Sigma and Panasonic Lumix digital SLR cameras. A brief feature list includes*:

  • Advanced HDR Bracketing
    • Up to 45 images per bracket
    • Steps from 1/3 to 9 EV between bracketed exposures
    • Rapid HDR workflows
  • Bulb mode (automatic >30 sec exposures, even in HDR sequences)
  • Time-Lapse with optional sequence start delay & HDR Time-Lapse
  • Bulb Ramping with ISO control and ND filters
  • Focus Stacking and HDR Focus Stacking
  • Video control (Canon only)
  • Automatic, user-defined delay for Mirror Lock-Up
  • Pocket-sized alternative to laptop-based camera remote control solutions
  • Weather resistant casing
  • Long battery life (runs on 2 AA batteries)
  • Frequent FREE firmware updates

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