Category: Photography

  • A Cold Winter in Redondo Beach

    This timelapse with my new gear is going to be the first of many many complex motion timelapses with some new tools.  It was a bit clunky and there is what appears to be a number of additional considerations for an extreme rotation (I think that this was about 160 degrees).  Anyway, after days of […]

  • 360 Product Rotation with Color Swatches

    In addition to the basic web product 360 animations, I am now utilizing 360 degree product rotation animations with color swatches and the results are pretty cool. Take a look and see what you think!

  • Introducing the New and Improved Mark Nicholas Photography Site!

    Introducing the new and improved site! After several years with the old site, I finally took the time to develop an enhanced look and feel. The new Mark Nicholas Photography site will hopefully be much easier to navigate, but display images in a much more streamlined fashion. Check it out! And let me know what […]

  • Oakland A’s vs. Boston Red Sox – The Trenches

    A day of shooting with Oakland A’s was a tremendous outing. The game was exciting and the mood on the field was high. I had the opportunity to spend time with sporting (and life) legends Peter Read Miller, Michael Zagaris (Zee), Brad Mangin and Thearon W. Henderson and got some shots that made the outing […]

  • Patience: The Nature Photographer’s Only Friend

    As a photographer, I am a witness to nature, not a controller of it.  I take what it gives me. is, quite simply, an act of force. We cannot just “be” patient. Yet patience is the key to practically every magical nature shot.

  • The Los Angeles Air Show 2014

    The LA Air Show with the Navy’s Blue Angels.

  • A Personal Review of Brooks Lodge

    Brooks Lodge is a remarkable place, and a fisherman’s and photographer’s dream. It is a fairly simple, but the brilliant destination for the professional nature photographer. The Grizzly bears, waterfall, salmon and wilderness make this among the premiere destinations for the wildlife photographer in the world.

  • Crescent Nebula over Malibu, CA (in H-alpha)

    Here is a shot of the Crescent Nebula with the QSI583. It was a single shot through a H-alpha (red) filter. There continue to be challenges during these sessions as I learn the new gear, but I was pleased to see some early successes.

  • Macro Bug on my Car

    Shot with my trusty Canon 100 2.8IS lens – which is one of the sharpest lenses made, I caught this little mosquito on the hood of the car as the sun was setting. No flash at all. Seems impossible. Awesome lens.

  • Latest Photo: Pelican Nebula / FSQ 106 and QSI 583

    After years of failing with this subject, I shot the Pelican Nebula with my new QSI583 camera. What a camera!!! This was one of the most exciting days I’ve had shooting astrophotography.