Sportsmobile and the Astrophotography Experience

Here is a shot of my new (used) Sportsmobile van for my first night shooting some astrophotography with some first-time comforts for me. It is wonderful to have something like this, but it seems a bit of a true luxury given how I have worked in such minimal conditions for so long. Now, all of a sudden, I can warm (or cool) some food, keep warm, go to sleep, and more – remarkable stuff.

Anyway, after so many years of shooting the night sky, the new gear has seemingly placed me back onto the learning curve, and the troubleshooting has been pretty frustrating. The new camera seems to generate some weird artifacts on my images and I will call the company (QSI Imaging) when I get home. This time, at least, my autoguider worked. It’s always something.

If the pics that I took are worthwhile, I’ll post it. Next trip is planned for end-of-month.


van van4

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