Dracast LED Panel for High Speed Photography

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Dracast High Speed Video TestHere is the video I put together to evaluate how the Dracast light panels function when used in high speed photography.  I shot video at frame rates from 700 frames per second up to 15,000 frames per second. Mostly, I wanted to see how the lights performed in terms of brightness as well as flicker.  Here is the result. Overall, I was extremely pleased and actually a bit surprised.


Impressions of the Dracast LED

I did not purchase the hybrid version.  If you shoot video in a variety of locations where you may need to match lights, they make sense.  In the studio, where you can configure your own white balance, the trade-off is huge.  Intensity allows for an incredible number of other options – such as the ability to shoot at higher shutter speeds, the ability to have more flexibility in aperture and most importantly, the ability to control lighting ratios.  To me, the ability to have bright, consistent lights is of paramount importance and going with the Dracast Daylight-Balanced lights were the only option.

The Dracast LED panels are not perfect for sure.  I didn’t line up panels to compare but the Dracast had the best features to cost that I could find, but to be clear they are not cheap and they are not the best.  I found them to be a superior compromise.  Things that I love are the weight, power and consistency.  Things that I don’t include the cases (zippers broke on both cases on day one), batteries are not consistent (one charges in an hour or so, the other takes about 4 hours, color balance indicator does not function correctly on the daylight balanced model (it shows an incorrect color temp on both units), etc.  So these issues are uncomfortable given the cost of the unit, but have not detracted directly from the actual use of the units.

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