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  • Dracast LED Panel for High Speed Photography

    quarter, tilt, high speed, balancing

    Here is the video I put together to evaluate how the Dracast light panels function when used in high speed photography.  I shot video at frame rates from 700 frames per second up to 15,000 frames per second. Mostly, I wanted to see how the lights performed in terms of brightness as well as flicker. […]

  • The eMotimo Review

    Many of the best inventions have come from smart people with smart ideas. The eMotimo is no different and Brian Burling, it’s founder, is a pretty smart dude.

  • Let’s Review The Walkstool for Sports and Wildlife Photography

    The stool is made to be super light and strong and there is no question that this thing is able to be unobtrusively carried and is lighter than many camera bodies. This is one of my most important tools, along with my photo gear, for nature and many types of sports photography.

  • Review of the Dynamic Perception Motion and Timelapse Slider

    The piece of gear that I believe changed my photographic life was the Dynamic Perception Stage 1 motion dolly. It let me move the camera with great precision without touching the camera, and it would trigger the camera shutter at fixed intervals

  • CamRanger Review and Thoughts

    It’s been quite a while since I’d stumbled across the CamRanger; a small and relatively economical piece of gear that at its core turns any device (such as your iPad, iPhone, Android, PC or Mac) into a remote control for your camera, complete with its own live view LCD panel. For at least a year […]

  • The Canon 200-400mm Lens Review

    In-the-trenches review of the Canon 200-400 lens.

  • Sportsmobile and the Astrophotography Experience

    Love my Sportsmobile van! The van heads out for some night shooting of astrophotography with some comforts. The van keeps me warm, offers electrical power (solar) and ports so that all images can be monitored from a cozy place. Highly recommended!

  • First Light : FSQ 106N

    “They” say that the Takahashi FSQ-106 is among the best. I can confirm that it is awesome and very well built. Highly recommended!