The Photo Crony – First Announcement!

Well… I’m not sure what to say.  I’ve been working on my invention for the last couple of years and we are finally getting ready to head over to Kickstarter!   Here is the very first look at the Photo Crony. And now… we are patented! I am an official inventor!

Things are getting into gear.  We have a web page, Facebook page and fun video.  I just finished shooting the introductory video.  I am in touch with manufacturers.  The Crony is coming!

Mounted on Stage RI’ve now filed for a patent over the device itself as well as the centering bolt.  In short, the Photo Crony will be an incredible tool for photographers who work for e-commerce, macro, animation and more.  It helps product positioning, allows for perfect rotation with precise commands and easy settings and much more. The patent-pending centering bolt even allows for perfect product support and positioning.

The Photo Crony can even be inverted and used to rotate a suspended object, or even a camera around an object.  Combine this with the Dynamic Perception Stage R and NMX and use countless keyframes, ramping and more for perfect repeatable movement, animation and camera triggers.


The Photo Crony Conclusion

crony-rotateThis product will blow the doors off of any photo turntable, but more than that will allow for a million other functions.  Unlimited configurations, surface options and a ton of amazing accessories will allow this unit to be configured for anyone’s particular needs.

Check out the video and please be sure to help support us as we try to make things easier for the working photographers of the world.


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