A Cold Winter in Redondo Beach

This timelapse with my new gear is going to be the first of many many complex motion timelapses with some new tools.  It was a bit clunky and there is what appears to be a number of additional considerations for an extreme rotation (I think that this was about 160 degrees).  Anyway, after days of spectacular sunsets, this started as a test for some new Dynamic Perception NMX gear, bulb ramping with the Promote Control, use of LRTimelapse, Adobe AfterEffects CC 2014 and Adobe Premiere.

The sunset was truly spectacular and the exposure ramp worked quite well with the Promote Control. There are many questions left over from this project but overall I was very pleased with the new gear.  One question is whether I’ll continue to use the PC for projects such as this or switch over to automated ramping or even manual.  So enjoy!  Let me know what you think.

[su_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/HEONAGuEZe4″ width=”300″]

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