The Chris Birch Poetry Contest (2015) Winning Poem

Chris Birch Poetry ContestWell…  after years of watching Chris Birch’s amazing annual Valentine’s Day poetry contest for boaters to submit themed poems from the boat to the mariner, I submitted an entry and actually ‘won’ the contest.  I’m telling my wife and others that I am an ‘award winning poet’. This, of course, is purely tongue-in-cheek, but has been a bit of fun all around.  Chris has been a great friend, amazing contributor to my book and videos.  Thanks to Chris!

Here is my 2015 Valentine’s Day poetry submission:

Awaiting the coming spring.
My bilge pump pumps and pumps
In hopes of new stuffing in my stuffing box.
My seacocks closed for the winter;
My halyard banging impatiently in the wind.
Waiting to flush the pink fluid from my lines;
Waiting to shed this plastic cover;
Waiting to come alive;
Waiting to heal over and scream.
But for now just waiting.
Awaiting the spring –
and the comfort of oily hands of the greasy sailor –
and of course his guests.

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