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  • Patience: The Nature Photographer’s Only Friend

    As a photographer, I am a witness to nature, not a controller of it.  I take what it gives me. is, quite simply, an act of force. We cannot just “be” patient. Yet patience is the key to practically every magical nature shot.

  • A Personal Review of Brooks Lodge

    Brooks Lodge is a remarkable place, and a fisherman’s and photographer’s dream. It is a fairly simple, but the brilliant destination for the professional nature photographer. The Grizzly bears, waterfall, salmon and wilderness make this among the premiere destinations for the wildlife photographer in the world.

  • Polar Bears in Kaktovik, Barter Island, Alaska

    Here is a video of polar bears in Kaktovik on Barter Island in Alaska, shot through a Canon 5dII and a 500mm lens. This was a magical moment as there was a bit of downtime in the still image photography. Awesome!

  • Musk Ox (Video) on Alaska’s North Slope

    A short walk off the Dalton Highway in snowy conditions – working our way through 2 or so foot deep drifts, we enjoyed a pack of Musk Ox (Muskoxen) grazing. Shot with my Canon 5d Mark II and 500mm f4

  • Hungry Caterpillar in Anza Borrego (Video)

    During a wildflower shoot in Anza Borrego, I caught this little hungry caterpillar munching away. Shot with the Canon 5d Mark II and macro. Cool… the use of video with macro.

  • Video of Grizzly Bears at Brooks Lodge

    Some Grizzly Bear (Brown Bear) taken at Brooks Lodge on Katmai Island, Alaska. A great trip to the Alaskan Outback! This was a photo trip, so the video was an adjunct to the photography – shot at a distance.

  • Macro Bug on my Car

    Shot with my trusty Canon 100 2.8IS lens – which is one of the sharpest lenses made, I caught this little mosquito on the hood of the car as the sun was setting. No flash at all. Seems impossible. Awesome lens.

  • Wildlife Shooters Crop

    Wildlife and sports shoots crop for a whole variety of reasons. It is easier to focus, better likelihood of capture, and so forth. While we all want to be artists, clinging to the idea of perfect framing can result in far fewer keepers.