Category: Video

  • The Lighter : Slow Motion Video

    In my endeavors to slow down time, I decided to play around with a lighter that I found.  Turns out, lighter’s are pretty incredible devices; creating spark while fuel is released.  The fuel passes the spark and ignites.  In slo mo, at 3500 frames per second, magic is created.  Shot with my Edgertronic and having […]

  • Hummingbird in Super Slo Mo

    There are different moments in nature that impact each of us in a way that we are able to connect. Sunsets, for instance, are pretty universal in their intimacy. With all that I’ve done as a nature photographer — penguins, polar bears and so forth — the most interesting creature to me is the hummingbird. […]

  • What Happens when you Hit Your Kid in the Face (High Speed Video)

    This is a rather classic shot — but one that I’ve never gotten tired of.  Slow motion water balloons are just beautiful. This was shot at approximately 1500 frames per second.  Gabrielle’s reaction the highlight of the shot to me (jumping around as I am about to get hit) is just amazing and completely genuine. […]

  • Ever wonder what Finger Snapping looks like in Super Slo Mo?

    Here is my beginning movie with extremely high speed photography.  This started out as a simple high speed test but actually developed into something quite amazing.  Much of life is invisible; happening too fast, too slow, too big or too small to truly appreciate.  Finding ways of reversing these extremes and finding ways to appreciate […]

  • Polar Bears in Kaktovik, Barter Island, Alaska

    Here is a video of polar bears in Kaktovik on Barter Island in Alaska, shot through a Canon 5dII and a 500mm lens. This was a magical moment as there was a bit of downtime in the still image photography. Awesome!

  • Babbling Stream off the Great Dalton Highway, Alaska (Video)

    Here is some stream footage shot with my Canon 5d Mark II through 100mm macro and 16-35 lenses as an experiment – much handheld. Next time, I’ll shoot a ton of this kind of stuff…

  • Musk Ox (Video) on Alaska’s North Slope

    A short walk off the Dalton Highway in snowy conditions – working our way through 2 or so foot deep drifts, we enjoyed a pack of Musk Ox (Muskoxen) grazing. Shot with my Canon 5d Mark II and 500mm f4

  • Hungry Caterpillar in Anza Borrego (Video)

    During a wildflower shoot in Anza Borrego, I caught this little hungry caterpillar munching away. Shot with the Canon 5d Mark II and macro. Cool… the use of video with macro.

  • Alfafa Fields Blowing in the Wind (Video)

    In Kearney, Nebraska I found the moving Alfalfa to be a pretty interesting subject. I think that my daughter was hanging on my head at the time. A big special thanks to my friend Ty for being such an incredible host.

  • Video of Grizzly Bears at Brooks Lodge

    Some Grizzly Bear (Brown Bear) taken at Brooks Lodge on Katmai Island, Alaska. A great trip to the Alaskan Outback! This was a photo trip, so the video was an adjunct to the photography – shot at a distance.