Month: July 2015

  • Aerial Shooting in Manhattan Beach

    Sharing this aerial image of Manhattan Beach overlooking an area near downtown, the tree district and heading out over the pier and ocean.  This is a spectacular home in a spectacular town.  Shot with the DJI Inspire and cleaned/finished in Photoshop. [su_lightbox type=”image” src=””][/su_lightbox] It is worth sharing a couple of alternative looks which were […]

  • The Aloxxi Photo Shoot

    Product and cosmetic is great fun to shoot.  There is always something sparkly, shiny/reflective, specular and so forth. Light is a huge consideration.  The Aloxxi product line continues that tradition both with metallic foil on its labels as well as a white container/box.  Aloxxi is a fine company that makes some beautiful products and we are proud to […]

  • The Lighter : Slow Motion Video

    In my endeavors to slow down time, I decided to play around with a lighter that I found.  Turns out, lighter’s are pretty incredible devices; creating spark while fuel is released.  The fuel passes the spark and ignites.  In slo mo, at 3500 frames per second, magic is created.  Shot with my Edgertronic and having […]