Video of Grizzly Bears at Brooks Lodge

As I get things done, I’ll post – and accordingly I am happy to share a little compilation of some of our bear shooting at Brooks Lodge on Katmai Island, Alaska. A great trip to the Alaskan Outback!

This was a photo trip, so the video was an adjunct to the photography – so I didn’t have proper video sticks or a head (only using my Really Right Stuff ball head – awesome for pics, very challenging for video), particularly given the focal lengths I was shooting at (some were at 1.3 crop factor @500mm+1.4xTC). Also, since I didn’t anticipate when I’d shoot video, I didn’t change the shutter speed to give it more flow – so it is still a bit jerky at a very high shutter speed. Should have been more aware. Anyway, the video will bring back some incredible memories.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”300″]

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